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SFC USA Accounting Policy

Snowboarder and Skiers for Christ’s accounting policy has been set up by referencing the “best practices” in the non-profit sector, and relying upon the recommendations of experienced professionals within our industry. Our policies are set up to be easy to use and keep or leaders above reproach.

Overview of Policy

  1. Income – All donations should be sent to the National Office. The funds will be deposited in your account weekly and your donors will receive tax-deductible receipts.  See the Income Reporting Form for details on income types.
  2. Expenses – Chapters and staff can fill out 3 different types of forms, depending on how the funds need to be spent (see explanation below). Additionally, National can provide use of the SFC USA credit card for purchases $1,000 and up. *Note on paying for service: If you pay anyone for a service for any reason, we will also need them to complete a W9, so they can be paid properly. This can be downloaded from the resources page online.
  3. Balances – Account balances are updated bi-weekly. You will receive a monthly statement by email at the beginning of the month.
  4. Event Income/Merchandise Sales – All these, and any other monies, should be sent to National using the Income Reporting Form. Do not spend your income before first sending it in, or put it in your own bank account, to do so is a misappropriation of funds.  Be sure you understand the difference between donations and other types of income, and properly mark any income that is sent in. If not, deposits will be delayed because we’ll have to contact you to ask what type the money is.
  5. Dues – Chapters are responsible for paying dues to the National Office. Each time a deposit is made, whether it is donation income or event income/merchandise sales, 10% will be deducted automatically on a monthly basis.
  6. Issues – If you have a problem that arises with regard to the handling of your finances, the first step is to alert the National Office. If unresolved, a final appeal may be made to the Board of Directors for a final ruling.



National’s Job – All income will come through SFC USA’s National Office and then be deposited into your chapter fund. We will handle sending all year-end donation receipts to your donors. The National office promises to deposit all funds and cut checks bi-weekly. SFC USA will also send you an account balance monthly at the beginning of the month.

Chapter’s Job – Send in ALL income, bona fide expenses, check requests, and all other accounting documents to SFC USA to process on the appropriate forms.  Personally thank each donor. In person, on the phone, or a letter is suggested. Monitor your income and spending to avoid having outstanding reimbursements held by members that cannot be paid.  We advise you to keep your own (simple) set of books to match against what is posted into your account.  When in doubt, contact the National Office for help.

Explanation of Other Accounting Forms on the Leadership Network…

Reimbursement Form – Used when a volunteer or employee has a chapter expense they personally pay for.  This is different from a check request because the expenses have already been incurred.  If chapter volunteers wish not to be reimbursed, they can keep their receipts and use them as deductions on their income taxes. [Ex – pizza bought each week by Core Team member]

Income Reporting Form – Used anytime your chapter has anything it needs to deposit.  To be used for donations, event income, merchandise income, and any other incoming amount into your chapter account.  There is also a place for a merchandise/product donation at the bottom of the form.

Check Request Form – Used anytime your chapter has a future expense it needs to pay by check. This is used primarily for larger transactions that nobody in the chapter wishes to put on their personal account.  [Ex – large purchase, like a tent]

Transfer Authorization Form – Used to transfer funds from one account to another.  This can be used to send money owed to another chapter, or staff member. [Ex – giving half the income from a shared event].

Cash Advance Form – These must be approved in advance and are used to obtain cash from your chapter account. The purpose of this form intended for trips and other events that require a large amount of paper currency. Receipts must be submitted with the remainder after the trip or event has occurred. If a cash advance is received, but no receipts are submitted in a timely manner, no further cash advances will be processed for your account.


Thank you for your integrity in using the Lord’s money.


National Office Contact

Randy Schroeder

[email protected]