USA Trailmap Additions

The format will follow the format for the Trailmap as a whole and outline the paperwork and answer the “So what else do I need to do?” questions for United States Chapters.  All referenced forms are available at


  1. Connect with US National Office, familiarize yourself with what SFC is and does.  Pray about getting involved, no paperwork here, but you will need to call/text/fb/email your national and regional directors.


  1. Get plugged in with your church and shred communities as explained in the Trailmap starting on pg. 16.
  2. If there is a close chapter in the US, talk to your RD about what it would look like to go visit one.
  3. Attend the National Conference
  4. Decide if it’s right for you to commit


  1. Form a Leadership Team for your Chapter and begin holding meetings as explained in the Trailmap on page 28.
    1. Nominate a “Key Leader” to take responsibility for the team communications, manage meetings, etc. Occasionally a chapter will have two key leaders.
  2. Complete the SFC Leadership Application (Each member of the Chapter Leadership Team must do this).
    1. Read and agree to the Leadership Agreement
    2. Background check – if your Chapter will be working with people under age 18.
  3. Complete the SFC Chapter Application
    1. Review and understand the SFC USA Accounting Policy
    2. Await confirmation email from the National Office
    3. Every new Chapter upon acceptance will receive a code for free swag for each of it’s leaders.


  1. Complete the “End of Season Survey” each spring to let us know what you’ve done.
  2. Re-evaluate leadership team each fall
    1. Any new members must fill out leadership application
      1. If your Chapter started doing events with people under the age of 18 in the last year everyone will need to complete the application again.
    2. Let your Regional Director know if there is a change to the Key Leader
  3. Complete a new Chapter Application every fall to keep the National office posted with any new information.
    1. This is how we gather info to purchase each insurance each year.
  4. Keep up with and respond to any SFC correspondence in a timely manner.


Definition of Relationships


An official SFC group in good-standing with all paperwork completed and in regular contact with an SFC Regional Director. This group is in the “ACT” phase.


A member of the SFC family. Living it out on a daily basis, this is an individual that identifies with with the mission and vision of SFC but for whatever reason doesn’t fit the “Chapter” mold. This person may be in the LEARN or ENGAGE phase of the Trailmap.

Partner Organization:

A formal group organized under a name other than SFC that agrees with the mission and vision. This group will usually operate their own business and may have a purpose that goes beyond the scope of SFC’s activities. A “partner organization” may also operate an SFC “Chapter.”

Examples: The Station Camp, Loon Mountain Ministries, JSAW, etc.