Bailey Johnson

Why do you want to attend the Conference?

I want to attend the conference because I think it would be a really sweet time for me to meet people who are Christians that can shred and who are actively pursuing the Lord. The past 4 months have been the hardest months of my life. I am struggling a lot with my faith and life in general. I’m at this point where I want to make positive and life-giving decisions in the midst of this really really hard time. I was told by my friends Melissa Chastain and Josh Stock that this conference is awesome and is a great way to find community in shred culture.

Why do you need financial assistance to attend the Conference?

I just accepted a year-long internship leading worship at a college ministry called The Annex. It is a paid internship but doesn’t pay a lot. It doesn’t even cover rent. With that being said, I work a couple of other side jobs. I’m not raking in the most cash and my life is in full transition at the moment. I am making the transition from living in Nederland (for almost 4 years now) to Boulder. I should hopefully be in Boulder in a month or so. I have been working in Nederland, but with my hopeful move to Boulder, I’ll be quitting my jobs in Nederland and applying for new ones in Boulder. I would like all the help I can get. Without help, it looks like this trip would be around $800 and that is not doable for me right now.

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