Jordan Sewell

Why do you want to attend the Conference?

I would like to attend the SFC Conference for many reasons. As someone who is a newer believer and has been fully involved in the “typical” culture that comes with being a younger snowboarder, I fully support the idea of SFC and just having a positive presence on our local hill. Since becoming a Christian I started being involved with YFC (Youth For Christ) City Life as a leader for the middle schoolers here in west central Spokane. I spend much of my winters at Mt. Spokane and would love to have a presence with SFC, maybe do some collaborations with YFC bringing some of the middle school dudes up on a weekly or bi-weekly basis! I’d love to come see what SFC is all about!

Why do you need financial assistance to attend the Conference?

While I do have full-time seasonal jobs, I have recently proposed to my soon to be wife and have much money to save! We both would love to come to the conference and could use some help financially!

Give to the Scholarship Fund

Please consider giving to our Scholarship Fund. Your gift of $319 helps a leader get to the conference.