Josh Dudley

Why do you want to attend the Conference?

The conference is a great way to network with other followers of Christ who are passionate about shred culture and to equip myself for being a light on the hill!

Why do you need financial assistance to attend the Conference?

Until a couple of weeks ago I’ve been unemployed (since late last Spring). As a recent college graduate who is also engaged and trying to save/budget for my wedding, I am scraping by financially. Me and my fiancee (who is also a recent graduate and only now transitioning into a full-time job) would love to make it to the conference, but are having a tough time finding the cumulative $600+ funds we would need to attend. We also live in Vermont, and since we are only 2 hours from Loon are considering ways to save money by potentially commuting/getting an Airbnb.

Give to the Scholarship Fund

Please consider giving to our Scholarship Fund. Your gift of $319 helps a leader get to the conference.