Liz Bernhardt

Why do you want to attend the Conference?

I was involved in running a chapter down in NJ (mountain creek) this past winter I did not have a chapter to be a part of and would really like to work with some people and network to see what we can do in my area. I also really like to hear what’s going on with other chapters and I want to stay connected with everyone. The shred community is something I’m passionate about and I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity.

Why do you need financial assistance to attend the Conference?

I currently work in ministry (Camp Spofford). It does not leave much room in my budget for large expenses. I understand if there are others that are in more need than I am. I would be driving up so I don’t have a plane fare to worry about. Even just a small amount would be helpful.

Give to the Scholarship Fund

Please consider giving to our Scholarship Fund. Your gift of $319 helps a leader get to the conference.