RJ Zimmerman

Why do you want to attend the Conference?

I’ve been involved with SFC for 5 years now, and I’ve been to 3 of the conferences (missed last year because of our family moving to Michigan from Minnesota).

Now that I live in Michigan and we’re better established than last year, I’d like to attend the conference so I can regain some knowledge and resources of being an SFCer. Also, my father in law is a principal at a Lutheran high school and they do a ski club every Friday night. I am planning on leading/co-leading the club this winter. It meets every Friday night that they can. I’m looking forward to making relationships with young skiers/snowboarders and either bringing them deeper into a relationship with Christ or simply “being a light” in their life. Since I’ve been to conferences before, I know the feeling of being fired up for the ski season after leaving the conference. I have felt a sense of belonging ever since learning of this ministry and the yearly conference is a way for me to make new friendships with other believers as well as regroup with current friends.

Why do you need financial assistance to attend the Conference?

This year is much different than prior years. I have enough PTO to take the time off work, but the financial piece is crucial. Since moving to Michigan, our finances have taken a large swing as we get our new life going. I took a large pay cut to start a new job in a new career field that I’m very passionate about. We also purchased our first home this past January, so we’re feeling the effects of homeownership at times. By God’s grace, we haven’t been hit with any large home expenses yet! On top of that, we have debt like a car lease and student loans. And of course, we have the everyday expenses like food and gas. Finally, we have a 2-year-old at home, so an extra mouth to feed that keeps growing and growing puts a small damper on the grocery bill too.

The long and short of it is when you add up the financials for just ME to get to the conference (not even my family), it could easily be $600+ and that kind of money is just not in our budget. It’s already tough for us to save and get back to my hometown in Northern Wisconsin so I can see my brother/dad.

If I can get to the SFC conference this year, it would just be me most likely. My wife doesn’t have the time off and being in Michigan and close to her family, everyone would chip in and help with my son while I’m gone. I’m asking for financial assistance in the large areas of the conference fee, flight and car rental (if I’m not able to link up with other SFCers at the airport). I did a short flight search and I could get a flight on Delta to Manchester right now for around $150 round trip. I would plan on covering other expenses like gas, food and checked luggage.

Give to the Scholarship Fund

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