Local hills, park laps, and lots of tow ropes

Do you hail from the Midwest? Do you love skiing/snowboarding? More importantly, do you love Jesus? We do and we’d love to get to know you and your story. 

The Midwest has an overwhelming number of ski hills (over 125+) and nearly 3.5 million people who ski or snowboard. That’s a lot of opportunities and communities to be the light of Jesus in. 

Currently, there are 18 resorts in the Midwest that are touched in some form by SFC community members, SFC chapters, or SFC partner ministries. We want to see that number increase as well as the number of people involved in the SFC community. We want like-minded believers who share our values and are passionate about sharing the gospel with their local communities. We want you to be apart of what God is doing in this ski and snowboard culture here in the Midwest. 

The Midwest Regional Director is Ben Huff. Ben lives in Grand Haven, Michigan where he runs a local SFC chapter with Izyk Grabel. Ben has been snowboarding since he was seven and has been involved with SFC in various capacities for nearly a decade. He’s your go-to guy for info in the Midwest and is happy to get you plugged in and connected to the network of Snowboarders and Skiers for Christ in the Midwest. 

Email, call, or text Ben to get involved.

([email protected])


Financial Support

Please consider partnering with the Midwest financially. This fund helps

  • Ben (The Regional Director) travel to new and existing chapters to encourage and equip them for ministry.
  • Helps cover the costs of hosting events and retreats within the Midwest. 
  • Used as a back-up fund if a chapter or SFC community member doesn’t have sufficient funds for an event.

While we strive to honor the intended purpose of every donation whenever possible, this contribution is made with the understanding that Snowboarders & Skiers for Christ and it’s board of directors has complete control and administration over the use of the donated funds.