(a.k.a., “the Mud-Atlantic” or “the Middle East Coast”)

The Mid-Atlantic is a hodgepodge of middle-sized resorts and mom n’ pop ski hills. Their short, “weather-based” seasons mean any time on the shred stick requires spontaneity. The Mid-Atlantic seen is therefore full of OPPORTUNISTS. Whether it’s a storm of the century, light dusting or even freezing rain, these dudes are gung-ho and they’re out there in it.

Sean and Alicia Rudnik are the Regional Director married pair for the Mid-Atlantic. Don’t let Sean’s humble, unassuming nature fool you. This dude is no stranger to hard times and persevering for Jesus in the face of adversity.

If you don’t see an active group in your region, expect to see one coming soon. Or even better, contact us ([email protected]) to get a local group up and running.