(a.k.a., “The MidCoast” and/or “Just Plain Shredding”)

The Midwest has eons of experience with outdoor recreation and so naturally produces versatile athletes by the boat load. Midwestern shredders are hardened by short, cold days, night shredding and limited vertical feet. Exemplifying that stereotypical Midwestern calmness mixed with confidence, independence mixed with traditionalism, they continue to move all over the globe silently yet powerfully impacting the shred industry.

As the quiet middle child of the SFC USA regions, the Midwest is host to some of the world’s best jibbers and some of the shredders most confidently in love with Jesus. Mitchell and Mandi Bowser are the Midwest regional directors and a shining example of a shredding family who love Jesus first and foremost and live their lives accordingly.

If you’re from the Midwest, you’re probably driven and already talking with Mitchell and Mandi, but in case you haven’t heard yet, “Get a hold of us if you want to help get a group started at your local shred hill.” ([email protected])