25-ish Years of SFC

Sep 30, 2020

So, we had been running with these huge plans to blow the doors off a mega-fun, family-friendly week of shredding, goofing, catching up and remembering all the amazing things that God has done through global shred ministry over the last 25 years. Then Covid19.

Now, we’ll be celebrating 25-ish years (technically 26 years) next year instead.

Listen, we are all pretty bummed about not getting to hug and high five and goof off in the snow with our old friends, but we have decided that unforeseen twist shouldn’t let us down. Instead of being disgruntled traditionalists, we are choosing to be entrepreneurial opportunists! We know we are all better together (even if we can’t all be physically together), so we’re committing to organizing and encouraging you to throw together some of the following for the sake of keeping the Body healthy and the movement alive:

  1. Smaller-scale gatherings encouraged! In addition to your local gatherings maybe consider gathering other shred ministry friends for a camping trip or retreat – with respect to the wishes of each individual participant as well as local government guidelines.
  2. More regional T.I.M.E. Travel trips! Maybe consider “driving-distance” as your guide to go and visit some other shred ministry family in some of your surrounding ski areas. <Read our T.I.M.E. Travel Booklet>
  3. Gather Online for Leadership Training Courses. SFC will begin an online course in November 2020 that will run through some of the subjects our online survey turned up as a need for our global leaders.
  4. Hop on our Monthly SFC Family Zoom calls. We know nobody wants another COVID Zoom call in their lives – haha, but we are getting creative with themed calls to keep it fun…because, seriously, we all need each other right now, so hop on and crack some jokes, share some prayer requests and see the digital faces of some of your favorite people around the globe. <Sign up for the next Family Zoom Call>

So stick with us and the global SFC community through this odd season because we’re all better together, and get out and be the light of Jesus because the world around us needs it now more than ever. We love you all.