Community in California

Apr 1, 2016

There are three areas in California that are very important to the ski and snowboard culture: Tahoe, Mammoth, and Big Bear (So Cal). Tons of history, industry, contests, and videos are produced in those areas. Since starting as the Regional Director for the Southwest California has been on my heart, and for a good reason. More people live in California than all of Canada. And because of that large population California also has the most Skiers and Snowboarders of any state in the US.

I recently made my second trip out to California to unite the communities and encourage the SFC leadership. My first trip out there last year was a really just a time for learning and creating relationships. I really didn’t know most of the leaders or communities out there. After this second year I can definitely say that I have solid relationships with all of them. I was able to spend time in each area, ride their local resort, eat meals together, and encourage each team.

We got the whole SFC California crew together in Mammoth for a couple days at the Station Camp to do some riding, sit in a hot springs, drink coffee, and pray for the whole state! What a great time with great people. I am continually praying for the SFC California crew and whats to come for next year.