Easter success on top of Mt Spokane

Mar 30, 2016

Going into this winter season one of my prayers was for God to open the doors to allows us to do a church service in the Vista house on top of Mt Spokane. The Vista house is a stone hut that was built in 1933 and about a year ago God put the desire in me to see Him worshiped in that building. This last Sunday God answered that prayer and He opened the doors for us to perform an Easter service there. I had no idea what to expect or who would show up. We ended up having 40 people there and the the little stone hut was packed out. It was a chilling moment to hear “nothing but the blood” ringing off the stone walls of this little stone hut on top of a mountain. God is incredibly good and we are praying that this opportunity will open the doors for us to do more in the future.

– Philip Schulz (SFC Inland Northwest)