Kingdom Collective supports SFC

Sep 4, 2014

Kingdom Collective

Our friends over at Kingdom Collective are launching their fall clothing line. They have decided this season to support SFC with 10% of every purchase! This is a great way for someone to support the ministry and support a rad brand that is doing great things! We had the opportunity to meet and hang out with Issac, one of the guys behind the brand, at the Next Level Summer Camps this year. It was great to meet a guy that’s on fire for Jesus and just all around passionate about everything he does.

Click the picture above to visit their site or go to

More about them: Kingdom Collective is the idea that a clothing company can bring people together all around the world. By creating unique designs produced on quality products we believe that we can bring everyone together as a collective group striving to help our brothers and sisters in need. Unlike many clothing companies today, Kingdom wants to give back to those in need all around the world. We will be creating specifically designed apparel for organizations and individuals who will receive the profit from your purchase. We believe that we can help end the suffering of the world one shirt at a time.