Loveland Pass Shuttle Service

May 12, 2016

SFC Denver has been partnering with another local Colorado ministry, 2Him, to serve at a pretty popular backcountry ski area. We give rides to the local riders to the top of the pass and provide hot dogs and beverages at the bottom.

Three young adults were taking rides and one shouted out, “Why are you guys doing this? This is awesome!” That started a conversation with the three strapping young lads. Turns out, they had a pretty rough morning and decided to open up to us.

After a long story about borrowing a pass and getting caught by lifties, they had been told they would receive a fine and possible jail time. They had stopped to take a couple runs on Loveland Pass because it was all they had left for the season. We explained the reason why we provided all the rides and food and reminded them that Jesus cared for them. They were really excited about us being there and it came out that they had grown up in the church but had mostly strayed away. However, one was still actively involved with their youth group as they were just about to finish high school.

Before they took off, they came over, gave us high fives, and let us know how appreciative they were for what we were doing. For the time being, they had mostly forgotten about their less-than-perfect morning. We exchanged some contact info and hope to stay in contact for the next season.

Sometimes we don’t get the full impact of what we are doing until we have that conversation and dig a little deeper into the lives of those that we are ministering. Jesus is real good.

– Sam Torres (SFC Denver)