North America Conference Recap

Dec 3, 2016


The raw energy, excitability, and passion for Jesus that comes out at an SFC conference is always off the charts. Each year, we plan an all-hands-on-deck gathering somewhere around the United States, put out the word, and see what God does. This year we had over 130 people join us from over 20 states, 2 Canadian provinces, Australia, and England. These are leaders of leaders that come together to pray, share stories, gain leadership insight, encourage one another, praise Jesus, and maybe shred together a little.

This year the skiing and snowboarding was a no-go because the weather didn’t cooperate. Spirits, however, were bright as we were able to pull together alternate activities including mountain biking, zip lining, hiking, and a ropes course.

This conference was also our first conference to officially offer child care. It was so fun to see a handful of little ones in the mix as the SFC community in the United States moves from a movement of primarily 20 somethings to a diverse group of leaders in all stages of life.

In the end, this conference ended a wild success. Surrounded with this group of passionate shred-missionaries, the vision and drive is contagious. People that attend these conferences are often the ones that join what God’s doing in shred ministry. I simply can’t wait to see how God uses each of these new and old friends to expand his Kingdom this snow season.

Here are a few comments those that attended shared about their experience:

  • I talked with a couple different people who broke out “advice we’d given in the past” and how it shaped their relationships/ministry in their own communities.
  • I love that wherever we have conference we get to meet the community and a local church, this goes a long way for me to see the big picture of shred ministry.
  • Being such a new Christian it was really inspiring to hear and see everyone’s stories of how they found God and it’s great that these conferences exist to show how awesome that is.
  • I was reminded of why I got involved with SFC and why I love doing it.

Want to find the recordings of the conference talks? Check out the Facebook Live recordings and podcast downloads(also available on iTunes).