Rally for Rocker

May 13, 2019

This is our 4th year cooking quesadillas for the Tahoe shred community. We hike our gear uphill for a quarter mile (normally about 200-280 lbs), sometimes we get help from a snowmobile. Set up our snow cooking bar and tent. One of us goes around to the masses telling them we are cooking quesadillas with SFC. From that point, we just cook a steady stream of ‘dillas and try to have conversations. A lot of people ask why we are doing this and what for so that gives us our best opportunity to share Jesus. After the ‘dillas are gone, we clean up and shred the course!

Rally for Rocker is a banked slalom to fundraise for a new skate park in honor of a local shredder “Rocker” who died in an avalanche. The event is organized and course built by snowboards for snowboarders.

Written by Zach Nash of SFC Tahoe

SFC Tahoe has gained recognition from the community and event organizers for the 3 years they’ve been serving ‘dillas at Rally for Rocker. They’ve made an impact on people’s lives by feeding them, caring for them, and having encouraging conversations.