Regional Directors Meeting

Apr 1, 2016

One critical weekend every year we bring together SFC USA’s regional directors. For those of us in the United States, these are the individuals charged with mentoring, coaching, praying with, visiting, and encouraging our chapters on a one-on-one basis. They’re the first line of support for our chapter leaders, so their feedback on what we can be doing better is priceless.

This year we met again in a beautiful house in Summit County, Colorado that was graciously provided for us, cooked great meals together, and spent some time enjoying some time on our skis and snowboards together. I can’t think of a better setting to pray for one another and plan for the changing needs of this growing movement. If you meet one of our Regional Directors would you give them a big hug and say “THANKS” for me? They’re a team of tireless workers that deserve more respect than I can express here.