Regional Retreats Refresh Ringleaders

Mar 3, 2015

We’re trying something new in the United States this year. Since Christmas, SFC leaders from around the country have been meeting up with their regional directors to pause for a break. Each of our 5 regional directors have been commissioned to help our guys and gals on the front lines refresh and recharge with the goal of heading home better equipped and with more energy to reach their communities. We left it up to each individual region what this would look like but the goal was the same.

Here are just some of the things ideas the creative minds placed into action:

  • An all expense paid retreat to Colorado for the leaders in the Southwest to unwind, play, and pray together.
  • A trip to BC, Canada for the Pacific Northwest folks to get to know each other, ski, and slaughter some snow men.
  • Flying the midwest leaders in for some quality one-on-one time, and taking one local leader on a private plane ride/day trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!
  • Visiting new leaders in the Mid-Atlantic states to get up close and personal with the natives, experience our their home churches, and take a few laps on the their home slopes.
  • Even more to come!

I have had the good pleasure of sitting in on a couple of these gatherings and the results always blow me away. God has blessed this ministry with some amazing leaders. They are always talking about Jesus, and looking for better ways to share His good news in the shred community. It is as if they can’t help themselves, their conversations always drift towards Jesus and how He has been interacting with their lives. These are the kinds of trips memories are made of: meeting up in beautiful surroundings, goofing off and eating together, but most importantly praying with one another and carrying each other’s burdens. I’m so proud of our leaders and so humbled by the ways God is using each one of us to transform the shred community for him. Thank you Jesus!