Send a Leader to our Conference

Sep 23, 2014

Each year SFC USA hosts a gathering to bring together our network of leaders along with anyone else who might be interested in learning how to share the Good News with the shred community.  We call it the SFC USA National Conference. It’s the most important thing we do each year.  In fact, we require that our most critical leaders attend to receive training and updates on what has happened each year.

One of the greatest challenges that takes away from this critical meeting point for our leaders is the struggle with finance.  SFC leaders are volunteers.  Most of them work jobs bumping chairlifts or making sandwich, whatever they can find that will allow them to squeak by while building relationships on the hill a few days a week and planning outreach events. Money is tight and an extra $100 can be the difference between their ability to come and be fed and staying home.

We’ve got a goal of $1500 to help get 10 of our leaders to the conference. This will cover the food, lodging, and trainings at the conference.  This is a huge opportunity to be a part of bringing the Gospel to shred communities around the country. To donate click HERE and select “Conference Scholarship Fund.”