SFC Minnesota Weekend Serve Day!

Apr 8, 2016

Back in March, SFC Minnesota organized an end of the season shred/serve day at Spirit Mountain. It is a local hill that doesn’t have a large SFC presence but has a large shred community. We brought my van filled with burgers/hot dog/snacks and passed them out to our crew while also being the light on the hill. We served about 60 kids and adults who were part of our immediate crew, but also served 10-15 new faces, some of whom were very interested in the ministry. I, for one, was extremely pumped about the event because I wanted to tell more people about our love for Jesus and skiing, which God provided us with that opportunity. We even saw God provide for us as we didn’t know we would have enough people for a group rated ticket or enough financial support to afford the food. It happened so fast, but yet again, God provided us with more people than we expected, more donations than expected, and more opportunity to share the ministry than expected. God is good (even to skiers like myself)!

– RJ Zimmerman (SFC Afton Alps)