State of Action Sports Ministry by Brett Davis

Sep 15, 2014

Brett Davis is a legend. In 1977, he and some other little teenage surf groms in Australia began calling themselves “Christian Surfers.” They wrestled with the concept of giving the idol of surfing back over to Jesus and letting Him use it through them. All these years later, their organization has exploded with growth, struggled through ups and downs and inspired and mentored so many more (including ME) who have taken on the calling to “actions sports ministry.”

In this article on, Brett Davis talks about “tribalism” in the new generation of groms, the encouraging growth of action sports ministries, struggles with disciple-making in this transient/entitled/non-committal generation and his personal trust in God’s bright future for us in action sports ministry. This is worth a read if you are at all intrigued by (or even highly skeptical of) action sports ministries. Thanks for your insight, experience and dedication to this generation, Brett!

Brett Davis getting PITTED!