The First Ever Unified Prayer Effort for the Shred World

Aug 21, 2019

Within our small but global network of snowboarders and skiers for Christ, there is a heart of grace and love for our dark and broken culture. We can each only do so much, BUT the good news is that we know someone who has the power and the plan to bring restoration.

We believe prayer is extremely significant in this effort to be the light of Jesus within our culture. One of our core values is Believing: “together we pursue a lifestyle of PRAYER and worship…”

When our small staff and Board was handed the honor and privilege of serving the global SFC network in 2013, we knew we had a responsibility to PRAYERFULLY handle this global vision. We set a goal. We decided to pray and pray strategically. So, we began collecting data. We rallied our leaders at conferences and retreats to help us prayerfully compile the data, and when the dust settled, we had compiled and created the world’s first-ever “SHREDDABLE NATIONS PRAYER GUIDE” (Click to download the PDF).

There are 70 nations around the globe that we’ve researched and considered “shreddable” (meaning they can be skied in and are able to contain some sort of ski and snowboard culture). The Shreddable Nations Prayer Guide contains information on both the current spiritual climate as well as the ski culture in each of these 70 nations. Since completing the guide in 2017, we have begun and completed our first round of the Shreddable Nations Prayer Guide Global Prayer Initiative. Each week for 70 weeks, we focused on one nation per week and encouraged our global community to pray for those skiers and snowboarders through the included prayer points.

We are grateful and blessed to have completed the first 70-week Shreddable Nations Prayer Guide Global Prayer Initiative in May 2019! (If you missed it here’s a LINK)

WHAT NOW? We continue to compile contacts and more specific prayer requests for each country as the effort increases. We plan to restart the 70-week initiative again in September 2019, because we deeply believe in the power of prayer and will remain committed to praying for God’s continued harvest amongst every shreddable nation.

If you want to join us in prayer, please remember that every major, historical movement of the Spirit of God BEGAN IN PRAYER. Sign up below to join us in this effort to see the light of Jesus shining in every one of the 70 shreddable nations of the world!

Shine bright!

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