The WEEKLY WINTER WORD starts this week!

Oct 21, 2013

Our 25-week study through the book of John starts this week. There are a lot of cool themes that run through the book of John like Jesus’s many I AM statements, John’s unique eyewitness account and the theme we’ll be emphasizing most in this study, JESUS UPS THE ANTE ON EVERYONE’S FAITH.

Get pumped! The goal for this study will be to meet all your SFC members right where they are and challenge them to ANTE UP their own faith walk.

Long-time SFC USA board member (through the founding years) and general good-guy & SFC mentor MARK HILL gave us a little schpeel on this recently when we ran into him outside McDonalds.

Every Thursday morning the study will drop right here on our MOBILE-FRIENDLY SITE. So, get together with some homies on the chairlift or in the park or for a little apres-shred coffee and lets dig into John’s account of Jesus and be challenged to ANTE UP OUR FAITH.