Weekly Winter Word 17

Feb 21, 2013

Sow What?

Highlighted SFC Value:  B.R.I.D.G.E.

“Relationships” – We intentionally build up our community, connecting people to the global network of Christian riders and the body of Christ. Romans 13:8

Applicable SFC Brah-verb:   Brahverb #19

Jesus’ job is change; ours is love. Love unconditionally. Love with no agenda other than, “This is how Jesus calls me to live.” True, selfless love speaks volumes about our integrity and the truth of Jesus’ life-changing power in our lives. But we aren’t responsible for changing people. We’re just the messengers.


Rachel was our “coffee lady” at the resort for two years. She always had a smile and a hug for us and was extra excited when we came by with our weekly Sunday “Jesus loves you” cookies.

We invited Rachel to our Sunday night dinners and some of our other events, but she never came (even though she said she would numerous times). It would have been easy to give up on Rachel, but she seemed to truly enjoy our visits and three-minute chats waiting for our cup of coffee – so we didn’t give up.

Just this past week she told us that she was leaving because she was ready to get a “real job” and pursue “reality” after playing at the resort for two years. I must say our hearts sank because we had such higher hopes in building our relationship with Rachel. My last words to her were, “Seek after God, Rachel…” She said she understood and would. She told Pat and me that we were really special to her and she would miss us greatly.

What we realized is that not every relationship we make in the shred community is going to work out like we expect it should or how we want it to. We tried to get Rachel to connect on a deeper spiritual level while she was in town and if that was the only reason we spent time with Rachel, then it seems like we failed.

But after having some time to think about our relationship with Rachel, our motives were as right as our best efforts could make them. In hindsight, perhaps we did everything we could have done in Rachel’s life, and that was simply casting the seed of Jesus’ love.

God knows Rachel’s heart – He knows her needs – He knows where she is in her relationship with Him. No one could know Rachel better or have a better plan for Rachel than Him.

 Application for SHRED LIFE:

Living in the transient shred culture that we live in, we have no choice than to give all of those relationships we’ve built, like Rachel, over to Jesus. We can only pray that each one of our friends who have moved on meets up with another person on their journey who will love them and nurture those little seeds we’ve planted with the water of Jesus’ love. Hopefully, someone will share Jesus’s message of Hope with them and get to see the fruit of their spiritual growth.

 Look up these scriptures:   1 Corinthians 3:5-9,

ASK:  This is a tricky one. How can we “learn to let go” and trust God to finish the job of reaching our friends, but at the same time do justice to giving an honest effort to share our faith? What does that look like to be available to God in His timing and at the same time not controlling or overbearing?