Weekly Winter Word #14

Jan 30, 2014

John 12:37-50


In this half-Chapter:

37-50: The Unbelief of the People


Reflecting on Jesus’s Miracles:

By this point, Jesus has done some pretty gnarly, supernatural things. He has turned water into wine, gave sight to a man born blind, healed a man who was unable to walk from birth, fed 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish, walked on water, and brought a man back to life. Some people may think this is just some hocus-pocus, witchcraft-type stuff that Jesus is doing. I mean, how in the world could any person do all of this unless there is something weird going on, right?! Well, there is definitely something special about Jesus, an opinion that has been voiced over and over again. However, it is nothing “magical” or spooky.

Check it out. Jesus claimed to be, literally, God in human form. He therefore stated that it is by the power of God, the very Creator of the universe that was responsible for these miraculous things. Remember, John called him the Word of God, the message from Creator to creation. These supernatural things were to be a sign to the world that Jesus really was God in human form. Who else besides the Creator of the universe and the giver of life could do such wonderful and incredible things?

Okay, it is important, though, to remember WHY Jesus did all of this. It wasn’t just to do cool stuff, get people all excited, and then peace out. He came to be the Savior of the world, and all of the miracles were signs to prove, without a doubt, that He was. As God in human form, He was therefore the only human ever to be absolutely capable of saving all of humanity from their sins.

Gnarly, right? That’s heavy stuff we’re talking about.

But not only is Jesus our Savior. He is also our King. This is what the whole “triumphal entry” earlier in this chapter was about. One crazy nugget for you: God told this dude named Zechariah 500+ years before Jesus was born that Israel’s King would come riding on a donkey. What a trip! During His entry into Jerusalem, the people shouted and proclaimed that Jesus was no ordinary dude, but that He was in fact the long-awaited King.

How incredible is it to think that a King would leave His thrown to live with the lowest of people! We think it’s awesome when pros take their time to teach some groms a few tricks, but Jesus blows them out of the water.

The unfortunate thing is that after all of this, the people still chose not to believe in Jesus as Savior (John 12:37).

There were also those people who did believe that Jesus was God and Savior, but they were too ashamed to admit that in front of other people. They were too worried about what others would say. They didn’t want to lose their reputation. They cared more about the praise of men rather than the praise of God (John 12:42, 43).

However, Jesus reassures them of the source of their belief. He reminds everybody around Him that if they believe in Him, they are not believing in a mere man but they are actually believing in God. God, through His Son, wants to lead people into the light and into eternal life.


Challenge to Believe:

Okay, have a look around your shred community and you’ll see people just like the people in this chapter. Some don’t believe even after seeing all of the insane things that Jesus did to prove He is the Son of God, the King. Others believe in Jesus as their Savior but are too afraid to take a stand for Him, because of what their friends might think.

The truth is, Jesus is King and He is our Savior. His crazy miracles are signs to show us that He is who He said He was. There is no reason to doubt.

There is also no need to be ashamed. Yeah, there may be people on the hill who might give you a hard time or think you’re crazy. But when it comes down to it when this life is over, who would you rather have the acceptance of, your “bros” or God Himself?