Weekly Winter Word #15

Feb 6, 2014

John 13:1-38


In this Chapter:

1-17: Jesus washes His Disciples Feet

18-30: Jesus Predicts His Betrayal

31-38: Jesus Predicts Peter’s Denial


Jesus Lives the Example:

There comes a time when “faith” has to be put into practice. Believing in Jesus as Savior and trusting Him to forgive sins is good. It’s foundational before any other good can be done in and through someone’s life. But faith was never meant to stop at salvation. The Bible doesn’t just push “Jesus as Hell Insurance”. A relationship with our Creator continues on into every day life where a believer in Jesus becomes a follower of Jesus and a doer of the things Jesus did.

In this chapter, Jesus shows His buds exactly what it means to be His followers. He didn’t have them do all the exact same cookie-cutter miracles that He already did, because those were for a different purpose. Jesus proved that He was the Son of God, and now He wanted to impart the heart of God to His disciples. A heart after God will cause someone to do even greater things for God.

The heart of Jesus is this: showing love through humility and service. In order to teach this to His friends and followers, He did something pretty shocking to show His love for His disciples. One night when they were all hanging out, Jesus got down on His hands and knees and began to wash His disciples feet.

This may not seem like a big deal, but remember who Jesus is.  He is the Son of God. God in the flesh. The Creator and Ruler of all things. He is King. What an act of humility for a King to do the job of a slave! Also, these feet were disgusting. Back then they didn’t have sweet Nikes or HalfCabs to keep their feet from getting all nasty. Cleaning these nasty, discipley-hobbit-feet would be like cleaning someone’s feet who has been out riding all day in super slushy, soggy-sweaty-boot weather in socks that haven’t been washed in weeks.

What an act of humility and service for a King to do a slave’s job. It seems pretty hard to imagine that someone who has authority over all things (John 13:3) would lower Himself to such a position. However, incredible love makes someone do incredible things, and Jesus’s love for us is pretty incredible.

Jesus doesn’t just show this amazing act of love and leave it at that. Nope. He then tells His disciples that they ought to do the same (John 13:15). It is not enough to just RECEIVE the love of God. We must DEMONSTRATE that same love to other people. Later, Jesus says it is by showing this love to others that they will prove to be His disciples (John 13:35).


Now Live His Example:

Jesus gives this same challenge to us today: “I have given you this example to follow. Do as I have done to you.” (John 13:15) Okay, in all practicality, Jesus didn’t come physically wash our stinky shred-feet and ask us to do likewise. Jesus did, however, show us all incredible amounts of love, and He continues to do so every day of our lives. So, He challenges us to show this love to other people.

This can be done in a TON of different ways, and each of us are to figure out the best way to show love to the people around us. One thing is for sure though, this love calls for humility and service. Without these two things it will be impossible for us to love others the way Christ loved us.

Love others in your shred community! By doing this, you will prove to be a follower of Jesus.