Weekly Winter Word #16

Feb 13, 2014

John 14:1-31


In this Chapter:

1-14: Jesus, The Way to the Father

15-31: Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit


Jesus is The Way:

Jesus is now in His last week or so of life on earth. In chapter 12 He made that bold claim that it was time for Him to be taken to the cross to pay the price for the sins of the world. Now, in this chapter Jesus reassures His closest friends that even though He is going back to heaven to be with God, His Father, they will not be left alone.

First, Jesus tells them that He is going away to prepare a place for them. For all who believe in Jesus as their Savior, He is preparing their REAL, eternal home where they will spend life after this short time on earth. He then says that since He is going to get their home ready, He will one day return to bring them home to live with Him.

Then Jesus drops the hammer and says that there is only ONE WAY to get to where He is going. He claims to be the way, the truth, and the life and that no one will spend eternity in heaven with God unless they go through Him. Any other attempt to get to heaven outside of personal faith in Jesus will lead to an eternity in hell. Jesus is the only way. This is the Gospel; the good news and bad news.

Jesus also tells His followers that even though He will be gone, they still have direct access to Him through prayer, and He will be working on their behalf. Although He will not be walking with them on the earth anymore, He will still be helping them supernaturally in all their times of need.

How cool is it to know that we have someone who, even though He is not right next to us physically, is always listening to us when we call out to Him and is ready to go to work on our behalf whenever we ask Him to supernaturally? Pretty trippy! Trippy and also reassuring!

So Jesus says He’ll be with the disciples supernaturally and they probably just have blank looks on their faces and wind whistling through their ears, so Jesus reveals another mind-blowing concept to them. This is a radically new concept to these dudes, and it would be something that would totally change their lives after Jesus leaves them. Jesus says that when He goes back home, He will not be leaving them alone. He tells them that God will send to them a Counselor or Helper who will be with them at all times. This Counselor is the Holy Spirit, the very Spirit of God, and God will send Him to be a guide and a help to the disciples as they continued on in faith after Jesus is brought back to heaven.

This Holy Spirit that Jesus is talking about is not a physical person just like God is not a physical person, but He is still a person. God sends His Holy Spirit to literally make His home in anyone who places their faith in Jesus as their Savior.

This is why He was able to say to His disciples that even though He was going away, He was not leaving them alone. He would actually go home to take up residence in them through His Spirit, and it is through His Spirit that He was still at work in their lives.


Same Spirit for Us:

How cool is this?! Our Savior did not just peace out and go back home to God just to forget all about us. This was all part of God’s awesome plan to use us in pretty amazing ways to continue the work that Jesus was doing while He was here on earth.

Jesus died on the cross for our sin, walked out of His own grave TOTALLY ALIVE three days later, and ascended back to heaven to be with God. Although He is not on the earth physically walking around with us today, He is still even more so present in the lives of every follower who has placed their faith in Him as their Savior.

Did you hear what we just said?! Jesus did not just die and stay in the grave. He is alive now and His Spirit is living in US who believe in Him as OUR Savior. If YOU have placed YOUR faith in Jesus, His Spirit has made His home in YOU. He is the one leading and guiding you. He is the One giving you the power to live a life that is pleasing to Him. He’s at work through you by the power of His Spirit living in you, and He wants to use you to bring a lost world back to Him.