Weekly Winter Word #20

Mar 13, 2014

John 17:1-26


In this Chapter:

1-26: The Prayer of Jesus


Jesus, the Ultimate Team Pray-er:

Here’s a nugget for you: Praying is the most powerful action that any believer can engage in. It is powerful, because when someone prays they are going directly before God—the Creator of the universe, the giver of life, the One who knows all things past, present, and future—humbling themselves before Him and asking Him to do His work, by His power, in the world. Pretty crazy stuff!

This chapter holds one of Jesus’ prayers and it is awesome to see what it is that Jesus, God in human form, prays for.

First, Jesus prays for Himself. Jesus knows the end of His time on earth is drawing nearer and nearer, so He prays for these next few steps in God’s plan to save humanity. Soon He will be back with God, His Father, with the price for all of mankind’s sins having been paid for, and eternal life given to all who believe.

Secondly, this is so rad; Jesus prays for His disciples. He knows that after He leaves, the entire future of the Church is on their shoulders. He also knows that Satan will be doing what he can to tear them apart, so Jesus prays for their protection. He prays that they will not be influenced by the evil in the world. And He prayers that they will be set apart by the truth of God’s Word.

All too often we find ourselves being influenced by the world. The shred culture has a powerful pull to the selfish, party lifestyle. We need this prayer just as much as His disciples did if we are to be examples of Christ to those around us.

Finally, Jesus prays for all those who will place their faith in Him in the years to follow. He prays that they will be unified. This includes unity amongst themselves and unity with God. Jesus knows that where there is unity, there is great power and a great testimony for Christ.


You Got to Pray:

Even M.C. Hammer knew it. “You got to Pray!”  Prayer re-postures us to a place of surrender to the Creator.

It is awesome for us to be able to see the heart of Jesus in this prayer. Prayer was never something that He took lightly, so we know that whatever He prayed for MUST be important. Seeing His example, it makes sense for us to pay attention and follow suit.

First, as Jesus demonstrated, we ought to be involved in God’s work of saving lost men. This is done through prayer, through relationship, AND through conversation. Pray for the people on our hill, ride with them, let them see the difference Jesus has sparked in us, and then tell them of the One who makes us different.

Second, we ought to set ourselves apart from the world. No, this does not mean isolating ourselves from anybody who isn’t a Christian. This means living a different lifestyle than that of the unbelieving world; we are living a life of celebration and of hope in our Creator and His salvation. Our lives should look different from the person who does not have Christ in their life. If we don’t…well, then maybe there needs to be some serious readjusting.

Thirdly, we should seek to be unified with other believers and with God. So much stuff goes wrong when we try to live life on our own strength. Unity with God is of utmost importance. Without it, we are in trouble. Then, we need to be unified with others. Build each other up. Encourage one another. Let the world see Jesus among us.

If you have yet to place your faith in Jesus as your Savior, pay attention to His heart for you. It is His greatest desire to see you and all people come to Him and receive eternal life. Who knows, YOU may be one of the future believers that Jesus was praying for over 2,000 years ago!