Weekly Winter Word 20

Mar 14, 2013

Afraid to Crash

Highlighted SFC Value:  B.R.I.D.G.E

“Gospel” – The most important thing in our lives is the Good News; we readily share that message of hope in our words and deeds. John 8:12

Applicable SFC Brah-verb:  Brahverb #13

JESUS is worth talking about.


A couple years ago, a lady who was finishing up her psychology degree contacted me through a friend and asked if I would take a survey. She was researching the mental block that happens when athletes try to come back from a serious injury. Although, I thought a couple broken bones didn’t necessarily qualify as a “serious injury,” she had me run through the survey anyway.

I warned her later that the results she finds from shredders may be a little less telling of the mental block most athletes feel. I think shredders are just, by nature, a little more daring than most athletes.

I was recently coaching this camper, JaneDoe, who wanted so badly to get upside down. She had been shredding for years and wanted to flip since she started. She was certainly good enough, so I explained each step to her and was encouraging her to try it. She would say, “I’m doing it!” and then proceed to just roll over the knuckle. She had wanted to flip for so long, but never made the commitment. So, over the years she had created a mental block about the dangers of getting upside down. Now, even though we’d walked through every step of the trick she knew HOW to do it, but couldn’t pull the trigger.

Other kids would see her trying to work up the courage and they would roll up and say, “I want to try it too! ” I’d explain the same 3-step process to them and they would go down and chuck themselves. Fearless. Many of them landed on their first try.

Later that evening, to everyone’s surprise, Jane committed and came up just a little short. When she got to the top, she said, “Oh wow. That wasn’t so bad. What was I so afraid of?!”

A couple coaching tips and in two more tries Jane was comfortably landing them.

Jane had allowed her fears of getting upside down to keep her from trying. Even though she knew the steps to take, she had let fear bind her up.

Application for SHRED LIFE:

As Christians, we are told by the popular media that we are judgmental and hypocritical and that sharing what Jesus has done in our lives is wrong. Many Christians have let fear of what others will think of them keep them from telling people about how awesome Jesus is. Don’t let fear bind you up. We as shredders are daring people. Drop in. Go for it.


Understanding the body mechanics of the trick + the daring attempt = bag o’ tricks!

Understanding “the hope in you…with gentleness and respect” + the daring words = LIFE!

 Look up these scriptures: 1 Peter 3:15,

ASK: Why are we afraid to share with our friends what Jesus has done in our lives? What is the difference between “Bible bashing” and what Peter explains in this verse? What are some practical ways we can strike up a “Jesus-conversation” with our friends without being judgmental or hypocritical?