Weekly Winter Word 21

Mar 21, 2013

Ark! Who goes there?

Highlighted SFC Value:  B.R.I.D.G.E.

“DOING” – We selflessly demonstrate our love for Jesus by putting others ahead of ourselves and serving one another, the local communities we live in, and the entire snowriding culture. Matthew 5:16

Applicable SFC Brah-verb:   Brahverb #14

Cultivate a No-Shotgun-Lifestyle. “Shotgun! I called it.” “Hey, Jonny, the first shall be last, bro; the first shall be last.” Live selflessly. Put others be- fore yourself. Live the example. People will notice and ask why.


I spent a night in Steamboat Springs, a town with that rustic old ski town feel with a bar on every corner.

The SFC guys there inherited an old resort van that had been handed down to local rafting companies and rec departments before landing in their lap.  They prayerfully decided to serve their community by offering a free taxi shuttle after the bars closed at night.

We were there to christen their new van in prayer before the snow fell for the winter.  One of their leaders, a kayak guide in the summer, fittingly prayed, “God, let this vehicle be an ark, transporting people home safely.”  Their next leader prayed, “Lord, when people step into this van let them experience Your glory.”

Then God lead me to pray “God let this van be like the ARK of the covenant where your glory dwells.”  We all laughed at the picture of God’s mystical, noble presence filling the air of that old, run-down van.  Sometimes when we think of God’s glory in its concentrated form, we imagine a kind of holy soupiness that fills the air and anyone who comes into contact with it is blasted and overcome by His presence.

Sometimes, God DOES work that way, but it seems often times He works in quieter and sneakier ways.  The bible says things like, “know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, so that you may be filled with ALL THE FULLNESS of God,” and, “WE are God’s workmanship, created in Christ to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” and even, “so that they may see your good works and give glory to God in heaven.”

So, it seems that people tend to experience God’s glory more often THROUGH OUR ACTIONS; through the miraculous changes that God is performing in us.  When we are willing to lay down our selfishness to serve others and make the difficult inner decision to choose the Spirit over our own desires, God uses us to influence others in a way that we may not even realize.

Let’s take a step back…how crazy is this?! God, the Creator of the entire Universe (the known and “yet to be known” Universe) has chosen you and me to be His catalyst, His vessel, His ark to carry His presence all around this giant ball of rock hurtling through space, all in order to reveal Himself to the world!

What an honor. What a privilege. What a picture of extreme grace and mercy; the King of the world reaching down to redeem us, His fallen Creation only to restore them to a place of family and fellowship!

Application for SHRED LIFE:

And to take that honor and privilege one step further, the Creator of the Universe has allowed us to serve Him within the fun, laid-back shred culture. Talk about privilege. Talk about honor. Talk about a people who should live in a perpetual state of thankfulness and heightened gratitude! The next time one of our fellow shredders asks about how our day is going, may we remember this truth and share it.

A lot of this visible glory that God allows us to share with others starts in the quiet places of our own hearts; when we’re confronted with daily decisions, when we humble ourselves before God and follow the still small voice of the Holy Spirit and choose the Spirit over the flesh.

Look up this scripture:   Ephesians 3:9, Ephesians 2:10, Matthew 5:16

ASK: How are you allowing God to reveal Himself to the shred kids around you? How should a major truth like this change our posture towards others on the hill? How does “the hype” of MY tricks and MY style and MY image and MY fun pale in comparison to this identity as one of God’s chosen vessels; as a vessel purposed for spreading His glory?