Weekly Winter Word #23

Apr 3, 2014

John 20:1-29


In this Chapter:

1-10: The Resurrection

11-18: Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene

19-23: Jesus Appears to His Disciples

24-29: Jesus Appears to Thomas


He’s Back:

So Jesus is dead . . . now what?! Is this the end of the story? If He is dead, what happens to the promise of giving eternal life, especially if He himself isn’t even living eternally?! Was all that stuff He said just another figure of speech?! The promise of eternal life seems a little lame coming from a dead guy.

Luckily for us all, that isn’t the end of story! If what went down in this chapter never actually took place, if Jesus had just died and not actually demonstrated God’s power over life and death, then the Christian message would be like any other cockamamie story that any kook could make up before he dies. But Jesus’ story is different because he literally was a dead man who walked out of His own grave! Haha, yeeeeah, booya! The power and evidence of the Christian faith is in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In this chapter, a few of Jesus’ closest followers head to the tomb that Jesus was buried in, and when they get there, it is empty. They all kind of freak out thinking that someone had stolen Jesus’ dead body, but that wasn’t the reason the tomb was empty. It was empty because Jesus stood up and walked out of His grave! BAM! So sick! That’s the best trick EVER!

Many people don’t think that Jesus actually rose from the grave, which is kind of understandable because it’s a pretty outlandish thing, but the resurrection of Jesus is something that should never be doubted. It’s kind of like hearing about when Torstein Horgmo landed the first ever front triple 14, it was kind of unbelievable, but when I saw the video of it, there was no longer any doubt in my mind. Well, elsewhere in the Bible it says that Jesus, after He died on the cross, appeared to over 500 people. Now I know that that’s not seeing it for ourselves here 2,000 years later, but how many people would you have had to hear from about Torstein’s triple cork before you believed it to be true?

There are a few reasons why the resurrection of Christ is so important to the Christian faith.

1) His resurrection proves that He is God (Romans 1:4).

2) We can know for sure that our sins are forgiven because He has presented Himself before God as the sacrifice for our sins (Colossians 2:13, Hebrews10:12, 7:25).

3) It makes us right in the eyes of God (Romans 4:24, 25).

4) His resurrection promises our salvation (Romans 5:10).

5) It proves that there is life after death, and that all who believe in Him will also be raised to life (Ephesians 4:5, 6).

6) It frees us from the power of sin in our lives today (Romans 6:4-11).

7) Through His resurrection He defeated Satan (Colossians 2:15).

8) Since He rose from the grave He sends His Spirit to live in us (John 16:7).

9) Because of His resurrection we will be with Him in the presence of God the Father forever (Colossians 3:4).


Jesus Is Real:

Okay, so this is BIG TIME for us! There has never been a more important event in all of history for the sake of mankind. If this is really true, then that means that God really has made salvation available to the whole world, and everything He taught about eternal paradise with Him is true. It also means that everything Jesus taught about eternal punishment of sin is true, that whoever does NOT believe in Jesus as their Savior will be eternally punished for the sins they have committed. That’s heavy!

Satan tries so hard to keep us distracted from the reality and punishment for our sin. He doesn’t want us to have our eyes opened to the reality of Heaven and Hell. Satan will use whatever he can to distract us from the seriousness of this truth. One of the biggest distractions for us is our love for snowboarding or skiing. We shape our lives and dreams around the pursuit of the next powder day, the perfectly shaped jump, the 20-stair handrail, or maybe the next big competition.

Let’s not get distracted from what we are told in God’s Word. Jesus surely DID die and rise again so that we could have eternal life and life to the fullest. As a Believer, what will you do with the responsibility you now have to share this truth with the world?