Weekly Winter Word #3

Nov 7, 2013

John 2:1-25


In this Chapter:

1-12: The Wedding at Cana: Jesus’ First Miracle

13-25: Jesus Clears the Temple


Jesus DOES to backup what He says:

Now that Jesus has his new followers (his homies) with him, it’s time for Him to do some work. Throughout the rest of the Gospel of John we will see Jesus do some pretty crazy things; things that will no doubt boggle the noggins of the crowds around Him.

Here we see the first miracle Jesus ever did: turning water into wine. This miracle, just like every other miracle that He would do, was a sign to the world and another way to UP THE ANTE of people’s faith. Remember how we talked about Jesus being “the Word”, the actual Message Himself, sent from God to the world? These supernatural miracles were a large part of God’s Message to the world. Verse 11 says that this sign “manifested His (Jesus’) glory” which means that this sign showed that Jesus was without a doubt the real deal; the Message directly from God or “the Messiah,” as Jesus will claim to be in chapter 4.

What seems like a bummer, though, was that not everybody saw this sign. It was only Jesus’ disciples who watched this all go down. The rest of the people at the wedding were partying and totally oblivious to what had happened. But for the people who did see, it says they believed in Him, that is, they believed that He was the Son of God.

I wonder how many miracles God does all around us today that we are totally oblivious to. I think that God is doing crazy things all around trying to get our attention, saying, “Hey, bud. I’m here. I’m real.” Maybe you can think of something that kind of blew your mind, like a “how in the world did that just happened” moment. Maybe God is trying to get your attention.

In this chapter we also see Jesus start to give the religious leaders of the day the “what for”. This act of “humbling the proud” is something we’ll watch Jesus do over and over. The temple was a place that people would come to worship God. This wasn’t just a big ole’ fancy building. It was the house of God, and the religious leaders were turning this place that was meant for worship into a dishonest business opportunity. They were taking advantage of the people who came to worship. The religious leaders were supposed to be the ones leading the people in worship of the Almighty God, but they were too busy gouging prices and taking people’s money.

Jesus saw that these old “religious” dudes clearly weren’t too concerned with what really mattered to God. These shysters (who were supposed to be leading people in the worship of the One True God) now fully embodied the term “hypocrite” and Jesus was not stoked on how their greed had turned “God’s house” into a place of scam artists and robbers. So Jesus put his foot down and kicked them out of the temple. Literally.

These humiliated hypocrites were obviously not happy about this guy cutting in on their business, and being the cocky-rockies that they were, they asked Jesus to prove Himself. They wanted to know why He thought He had the right to kick them out of the temple. What special authority did He have?

Jesus dropped a bomb on them with His answer and from here on out, we’ll see a hate-fueled relationship develop as they try to continually discredit and eventually kill Jesus. Jesus in His brilliance immediately addresses the deeper spiritual truth, cutting through all their bullcrap and going right to heart of the issue. Jesus pointed to one specific sign that would show His ultimate authority. He knew that one day they would kill Him for claiming to be God and disrupting their whole religious system (and profitable scam). After they destroyed His body (which He alludes to as “THE temple”), He would be rise from the dead, proving to be the Son of God.


The Ante Up:

Jesus turned water to wine and then prophesied about the most amazing miracle to come: literally walking out of his own grave! The things He did backed up what He said. He was the Message from God!

This isn’t just a story from history. Jesus is still trying to up the ante on our faith today. He wants to bring us to the point where it finally clicks and we say, “Whoa! Jesus is for real and His words are for me!” He gives our lives new purpose and a new reason to go shred. Life becomes fulfilling and meaningful when we understand our Creator and His Message to us!