Weekly Winter Word #5

Nov 21, 2013

John 4:1-54


In this Chapter:

1-38: Jesus and the Woman From Samaria

39-42: Many People From Samaria Believe

43-54: Jesus Heals an Official’s Son   


Jesus Works:

Okay, so in the last chapter, Jesus has laid out his plan verbally: I came from God to save you, believe in me, and receive eternal life (paraphrased). Now, Jesus backs up his bold claims by blowing people’s minds with his actions. Everywhere He goes He does some crazy miracle, changes someone’s life through word or deed, or boggles somebody’s noodle with His revolutionary teaching.

In this chapter Jesus is cruising around with his bros when He comes across a girl from Samaria and gets into one of the coolest conversations in the New Testament, a conversation that changed her life along with innumerable others. Jesus hangs out with a bunch of Samaritans (a town that should’ve been off-limits), reveals His message of salvation, and they all believe. Then at the end of the chapter He heals some official’s son who was about to die from some sickness* (*not “sickness” like he was a ripper, but like he got broke-off real bad).

Now, this conversation that Jesus had with the Samaritan woman is not just some, “Hey man, how’s the park today?” kind of conversation. First of all, Jesus was a Jew and Jews typically didn’t get along with Samaritans. The Jews actually hated the Samaritans. There was lots of history behind this feud, but Jesus didn’t care about that. He loved all people, and He was not going to let some cultural “faux pas” stop Him from revealing God to people.

It’s interesting how we often think that we have to be a specific type of person in order for God to care about us, but over and over again Jesus shows us that God’s love is way more powerful than that. God doesn’t only want the churchgoer. He wants the park rat who has never stepped inside a church building too.

Jesus bumps into this girl at a well (the water-cooler of olden days) and asks her for some water. This threw her off because she knew that Jews normally don’t want anything to do with Samaritans. And during the ensuing conversation, Jesus tells her about a “living water” that would keep her from being thirsty again. She didn’t totally understand what He was talking about because she was thinking about her physical needs. But Jesus, as He had a custom to do, was referring to her spiritual needs. He wasn’t talking about water that would quench her thirst forever, He was talking about a living water, a “fullness” that would satisfy her soul.

Like all of us, Jesus knew this girl had some baggage. She had been in a ton of relationships with different guys trying to fill a void in her life. She knew there was something more to life; some satisfaction she couldn’t seem to obtain. Jesus knew her need and wanted to meet it. He was this living water that would satisfy her soul’s thirst.


The Ante Up:

Like we’ve been saying, Jesus was clearly more than just some joker on the street. Jesus came to meet the needs of the world; not just our physical needs but our spiritual needs. He knows that there is a hole in all of our lives that we try to fill. Unfortunately we try to fill it with all the wrong things. We think that maybe if we move to Tahoe or if we could stomp that back 9 then we’d be satisfied. Or maybe raging parties would do it. None of these things will ever fill that void. None of these things will truly satisfy us. Only Jesus, our Creator, the living water, can satisfy our soul where we will never be searching for fulfillment again. Search for satisfaction in Him.