Weekly Winter Word #7

Dec 12, 2013

John 6:1-47


In this Chapter:

1-15: Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand

16-21: Jesus Walks on Water

22-59: Jesus, the Bread of Life

60-70: Many Followers Desert Jesus  


Jesus Rollin’ Deep:

By this time Jesus has quite the following. There were tons of people who were curious about who this Jesus guy was and what He was all about. Some of them like His teaching. Others just like to see His crazy miracles. For the most part, though, they are still missing the most important thing: that Jesus is the Son of God who came to offer eternal life to the world.

This time Jesus has 5,000+ people following Him around and they are all hungry. Jesus uses this as another teaching opportunity to demonstrate that He is more than just some ordinary dude. So, Jesus feeds all the people with only two fish and five loaves of bread. Pretty awesome! But His miracles don’t stop there. He tells His disciples (Jesus’s crew of 12 dudes) to leave and He would catch up with them later. His disciples “peace out” on a boat. Then Jesus waltzes across the water right up to them in the middle of the night. Both of these miracles are INSANE!

The crowd from the night before is on the hunt to find Jesus, mostly because they ate a free dinner. They want to snag another tasty miracle-meal. Their focus wasn’t on following Jesus because of who He was but more for what they could get from Him. Kinda like groms hounding a rep for free stuff. They don’t care about representing a company; they just want free goodies!

Maybe you have tried the whole “Jesus thing” because someone told you He could fix all your problems, but then you bailed because it didn’t fix everything. Yeah, Jesus is totally concerned with what is going on in your life, probably even more than you are, but Jesus also sees something far more important than a broken leg or eating Ramen-noodles for a month. He’s more focused on your heart.

This crowd of people saw that Jesus could meet their physical needs, and they were hoping He would continue be their sugar-daddy. They wanted more free bread. Jesus sees that they are all missing the point, so He takes the opportunity to teach them about their real needs.

Jesus tells them, “I am the bread of life”. He is looking not to sustain them physically for only a few more hours but to sustain them eternally. He wants to get their focus off of the food that perishes and on to the food that leads to eternal life.


LOOK at your Spiritual Needs:

Maybe by this time you are thinking, “Man this Jesus guy is pretty rad. He has done all these miracles for people in the past, maybe he can do the same for me. I mean, I’ve had this hurt back for years now, maybe He can fix it.” or “I barely have enough money to pay rent, maybe Jesus can give me food like He did to those 5,000 people.” All too often we are focused on our physical needs and think of Jesus as the quick-fix magical genie who can grant us our every wish.

Remember, Jesus IS concerned with your physical needs, but He is FAR MORE concerned with your spiritual needs. In His eyes, what is the point of healing a broken leg or giving you one more meal if you are still spiritually dead? He wants to give you REAL life!

Jesus is the bread of life; he came to give life to the whole world. Don’t miss it!