Weekly Winter Word #8

Dec 19, 2013

John 7:1-53


In this Chapter:

1-9: Jesus and his Bros

10-24: Jesus teaches at the Temple

25-36: Is Jesus the One?

37-39: Living Water

40-53: Unbelief


Opinions begin to form of Jesus the Radical:

In this chapter we have three groups of people; Jesus’s bros, the general public and the current religious leaders. Each set of these people have formed their own opinions about who they think this Jesus guy is. The fact that they are all discussing Jesus is evidence that Jesus is a RADICAL. He has been doing gnarly things that no one has ever seen done before; healing people of terrible diseases, walking on water, feeding the five thousand. This dude, whoever he is, is worth talking about and taking notice of.

His brothers tell him (paraphrased): “Yo, Jesus, you’re doing gnarly miracles. Go show the crowds.” And Jesus suggests that there would be a better time and place.

The religious leaders hear him teaching in the Temple and say, “Who in the world is this dude and how does he know so much?! He hasn’t studied like we have!” Jesus responds, “Dude, I’ve been telling you, this teaching isn’t MINE. It comes from God Himself.”

The general public seems a bit confused (as always); they hear the religious leaders talking about killing Jesus for claiming to be from God, then Jesus stands right in front of them and even the religious leaders are intrigued by this teaching that no one has ever taught and these miracles that no one else has ever done.

There are times in all of our lives where God brings us to the point of “teach-ability”. Whether he’s wrecking our plans to move to a new shred town, shattering our ideas of what being a ski-bum is supposed to look like or a newly broken bone puts our “pro-status” pursuit on hold, God always has a way of “getting our attention”.

And now that each of those three groups is amazed and confused, Jesus has their attention, and he proceeds to drop a few heavy truths on them.

  1. (paraphrased) I come from God, representing Him with a message for you.
  2. Anyone who believes, come to me and just like water satisfies the body, the Spirit of God satisfies the soul.

Jesus got their attention and offered them truth. Some in the crowd believed and some decided to kill him. But the decision of how to handle the truth was theirs.


What is YOUR Opinion:

Jesus took the opinions of the crowds in this chapter and turned them on their heads. When He spoke, perceptions shifted.

Jesus offers “living water”(remember from John 4) that leads to eternal life. While mankind has a tendency to always think of physical desires and needs, Jesus continually offers to fulfill our deeper spiritual needs.

Maybe our perception of “satisfaction” is a little skewed. We think, “Dude, if I move to Jackson Hole when I graduate, that’d be the best thing ever,” or “Man, all I want is to get this trick on film and finish my season sponsor-me edit.”

If we ever hope to be truly satisfied, we need to allow Jesus to shift our perspective and satisfy us as only He can. Where is Jesus shifting your perspective?