Weekly Winter Word 25

Apr 18, 2013

Peace of a Chair Ride.

Highlighted SFC Value:  B.R.I.D.G.E.

“Engaging” – Like Jesus, we intentionally meet all people (Christian and non-Christian) where they are, both physically and spiritually. Matthew 28:19-20

Applicable SFC Brah-verb:  Brahverb #12

Know the culture you are ministering to. Learn the lingo before you share your testimony thing-o. Don’t share your testimony in German if you’re ministering to Joe Cuba.


I just finished an interesting book by Carl Medearis called “Speaking of Jesus”. It is focused on putting all “churchianity” aside to focus on the Savior, Jesus, when talking to non-believers.

He even goes so far as to suggest that we call ourselves “Jesus followers” rather than “Christians” as the idea of Christianity has developed various negative connotations amongst the non-believing world in our culture – mostly judgmental, hypocritical and the like.

The book has caused me to reflect on a lift ride I had with a guy in his twenties last season. This guy told me he was a Buddhist and life was all about seeking “the inner peace”. I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant and wasn’t too knowledgeable about Buddhism, so I asked some questions about how one goes about obtaining this “inner peace”.

Although he couldn’t really explain it – it was easy to see that this concept was more of a vaguely personalized ideal to him than a lifestyle of serenity. His bride sat between us, and she remained very silent and distant. What this young man COULD tell me, however, was that Christianity was evil because of the Crusades and a zillion other shortcomings.

I told him that my belief was not centered on the “Christianity” that he was talking about, but the “Christianity” of the Bible – and I said it just so happened that I know the author of inner peace personally!

The lift-ride was ending and I asked him this question, “Looking at this beautiful snow, the trees and the mountains – can you believe that this was NOT just a random happening, but an intentional gift from a Creator?” He answered definitely, “No.”

 Application for SHRED LIFE:

I had an eight minute lift ride to share my heart and I felt I could have done a much better job, but his book by Carl Medearis has helped me understand a little bit more about our culture’s “baggage” with the idea of Christianity. I’ve got some different ideas for the next time I find myself in one of these off-the-cuff chairlift spiritual conversations.

I can’t defend the history of the church, I can’t dump on a guy’s passion for inner peace, but I can tell him about Jesus – that He is the source of inner peace and is ready for us to cast all our cares upon Him.

It’s not about me and my pursuit of inner peace or righteous living – it’s all about a relationship with Jesus and what He can do in us. I just pray, as I learn more about this culture, I can learn to relate that more effectively.

 Look up these scriptures: Philippians 4:4-9

ASK: Do you have friends who would never go to church with you, but who would easily go shred with you? How can you learn to be sensitive to your friends’ needs and be the light of Jesus to them in “their language”?