Weekly Winter Word #9

Dec 26, 2013

John 8:1-59


In this Chapter:

1-11: A Woman Caught in Adultery

12-20: Jesus, the Light of the World

21-30: The Unbelieving People Warned

31-59: Living Water



Jesus is at it again with the religious leaders. These guys really don’t like this Jesus guy who claims to be “the Savior” from God. The savior who they were looking for was supposed to be a mighty king. The carpenter’s son standing in front of them didn’t quite fit the mold of what they were expecting, so they rejected Him despite of all the miracles and mind-blowing teachings.

In verse 12 Jesus says that He is the Light of the World. This is not the first time that Jesus has referred to himself in some weird third-person metaphor, but in each instance we see Jesus teaching some incredible truth with each new self-title.

First, He is the Word (He communicates who God is), then He is the living water (He satisfies our soul), then the bread of life (not perishable food but food that leads to eternal life), and now the Light of the world. As the Light of the world, He does two things. He exposes what is in the dark, and He leads those who will walk in the light and bring them to life.

In the Bible, darkness is used to refer to evil and sin, and these religious leaders are definitely people who are in the “darkness”. They don’t like Jesus because he exposes their sin, and as a “cocky religious dude” in this case, the truth exposes their failures and crushes their scene-cred.

In the first few verses of this chapter (this is one of my favorite stories) they are trying to condemn a girl to death for committing a sin. Jesus turns it right around on them by saying that whoever is without sin is able to condemn this girl for her sin. They all walk away because they know they are full of sin themselves.

Sometimes we have to come face to face with what is really in our lives. These religious dudes refused to see their sins and Jesus said they would die in their sins because of it. Darkness hates the Light, but where there is light, there is life. Unfortunately darkness surrounds us, especially in the shred culture. Whether it is on the hill or at a party, wherever you go it’s there, and it has a way of creeping into our lives.

The great thing is that Jesus does not cast judgment. He never counts anybody out. He does confront the real issue of our sin, but He is always there to extend His grace. He is there to lead and guide anyone who will follow Him as the Light in the darkness. He wants to lead us all to eternal life.


REAL talk:

Unfortunately, we often don’t like Jesus because He exposes our sin. We don’t like to be told when we are wrong or that we have sin in our lives; it kind of stings. Jesus does not bring our sins to light so that He can judge us for them. Rather, He wants to bring us into light because where there is light, there is truth and freedom and life. His desire is always to bring us into life. He doesn’t want us living in the darkness, in our sin, because our sin enslaves us. He loves us too much to leave us there. He wants to set us free.  What darkness does Jesus want to bring you out of?