Weekly Winter Word Introduction

Nov 28, 2013

A “Late-in-the-Game”

Introduction to the Gospel of John

Oops! Better Late than Never:

DISCLAIMER: We forgot to give you this INTRODUCTION TO JOHN before we started this study 6 weeks ago, so here’s the deal. This is a SECOND CHANCE for those of you who haven’t started the study yet to get on-board. Send this around to your shred-buddies and see if you can convince them to study through this life-changing account of the life of Jesus with you. Cue “intro”:


In this Book:

The Life of Jesus Christ


What’s the Big Idea:

Many books have been written about the lives of people. Some known for their good deeds, acts of kindness, great accomplishments, or feats of courage. In almost all cases these books were written to inspire, encourage, or give hope. This book does exactly that but is far more life changing than any other book known to man. The reason it is able to, and certainly has had such an impact on the lives of people all over the world is because of the Person this book is written about.

The Gospel of John is a book written about the life of Jesus Christ, and unlike many of the writings about this Man, it is written by someone who lived a very close and personal life with Jesus. John was a disciple, (or a follower) of Jesus. He was there to be a personal eyewitness of many of the amazing things that Jesus did in His life. He literally walked in the dust kicked up by Jesus’ feet. Because of this, John was able to given an incredibly accurate account of who Jesus was and what He did.

I don’t know about you but personally I like to hear stories of other people from sources that are closest to that person. We have all heard stories about pro riders or skiers from other people who got their stories from other people who got their stories from other people; stories of how awesome of a rider someone is or how crazy someone was at the after party of some contest or how much of a jerk that pro really is person. Whatever the story is, it is much easier to trust a close friend rather than some third or forth-hand source.

John wrote this book with a very specific purpose in mind. He wanted to tell the world all about who this Jesus guy is and why we should all pay attention to Him. John tells story after story of the amazing miracles that Jesus did; crazy miracles like walking on water and giving people who have been blind or crippled their entire life the ability to see and run. He wrote about the wonderful acts of kindness Jesus committed, the things He taught, the relationships He had, but most importantly the outstanding love He showed the world by giving Himself as the sacrifice for the sins of every man and woman.

Jesus was no ordinary man, and that was what John wrote to tell the world, that Jesus is the Son of God. Near the end of his book John says, “But these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing in Him you will have life.”


I dare ya:

There have been many things written and said about Jesus, some of which are true and some of which are not true at all. It would be much better for us to listen to someone who followed Jesus around, someone who spent day after day with Him, watching Him do mind-blowing miracles, teaching truths that no one has ever heard before and simply treating people in a loving and caring way that challenges us personally.

Take time to read through the Gospel of John with us and get the first-hand account of who Jesus really was. I dare ya.