(a.k.a. “The Ice Coast”)

The Northeast is old school. It’s traditional. The Northeast is notorious for developing shredders with amazing edge control and passion to enjoy every single run and to make the most of any opportunity to shred. Driven, dedicated and downright focused, Northeast shredders continue to make a huge and lasting impression on the shred industry.

Marcus Corey (located at Loon Mountain, NH) is no rookie to the Northeast ski culture. Marcus holds the regional director position for the Northeast, because not only does he have years of experience in ministry, he’s also SFC’s panda bear mixed with a lumberjack mixed with a bolt of lightning. Fittingly, as the “younger brother” region in SFC USA, the Northeast is rapidly growing in excitement and vigor!

If you don’t see an active group in your region, expect to see one coming soon. Or even better, contact us ( to get a local group up and running.