(a.k.a. “the P.N.Dub” and/or “the NorthWET”)

The Northwest region is known for those unbelievable pictures of snow hallways that make those breath-takingly gnarly road gaps. With so much snow and so many absolutely killer shred spots, it’s no wonder the Northwest has been producing gung-ho,¬†tough-as-nails, core-as-they-come shredders for as long as anyone can remember.

Based in Whitefish, Montana, Jake Christiansen and Yvonne May (both rippers and married…to each other) are the Regional Directors for SFC in the Northwest. Having been a part of shred ministry for years and years, these two are an incredible resource for our Northwest SFC groups both as core shredders and as mentors.

Don’t see your local shred spot represented in the Northwest? Contact us ([email protected]org) to get a crew started.