Shred Socks

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Are you seriously asking yourself the ridiculously rhetorical question, “Do I need another pair of shred socks” right now? GET ‘EM!

Medium is mens sizes 8-11

Large is mens sizes 11+

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Our SFC Shred Socks are made with ClimaWell and Merino Wool.

ClimaWell is a special polypropylen yarn that is:

  • moisture wicking
  • quickly drying
  • AWESOME to wear and touch and model in and look at and SMELL
  • comfortable to wear
  • very durable
  • and thanks to active biogenic silver ions (Ag+) it also prevents bacteria, viruses and mildews from reproduction.

It keeps the natural biological microclimate of the skin and helps to eliminate unwanted odor. ClimaWell is a totally non-toxic material without any health hazards.