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The new and improved TRY-AND-GOAL sticker! You’ll get 1 sticker for $0.75. Let us know in your order notes what color you want and we’ll send it to you. If you don’t let us know then we’ll send you a random one. Or just order 4 of them and we’ll send you all 4!

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Introducing, SFC’s “Try-And-Goal” sticker. This sticker acts as a regular reminder to Try And remember the Goal of intentionally making disciples of every nation in our personal lives. Anyone at any spot in the faith spectrum is called to be light in the darkness and own the great Commission, so you don’t have to wait to start the ball rolling on the disciple-making process in your own life. The Bible teaches that each and every human is His beautifully created one, and if we believe the intrinsic value of every single human, then we also believe that people can never be viewed as “projects”. Rather, people should be valued highly in our hearts, named specifically in our prayers and personally offered the truth of Jesus in a very real, relevant and respectful way. Click HERE to find out how the sticker works.