(a.k.a., “The WildWest” and/or “The Land of Plenty…plenty of Crazies”)

The Southwest region is an eccentric combination of shred locations. From the high, cold, snowy Rockies to the wet Northern California Sierras to the warm and slushy San Bernadino Mountains of SoCal and even into the dry desert climate of New Mexico’s Sangre de Cristo mountains, the Southwest region experiences all types of snow conditions and covers the whole gamut of mini resort towns and major metro shred communities. It’s the indecisive and quirky member of the SFC USA regional family.

Nick Sackman¬†(Denver, CO) loves pizza and running I.T. for SFC International. Nick is also the new Southwest Regional Director (taking the place of one of SFC International’s current Board Members, Jill Charron). The Southwest has the most SFC groups of any region so far, which is fitting for it’s high population of skiers/variety of skiing communities from Colorado to California.

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