SW Pennsylvania

Leaders:  David Wolowski, Jane Wolowski, Mark Walker, Jillian Walker

Contact: [email protected]


While we strive to honor the intended purpose of every donation whenever possible, this contribution is made with the understanding that Snowboarders & Skiers for Christ and it’s board of directors has complete control and administration over the use of the donated funds.

With the ever changing weather in the southwest region of Pennsylvania, this group is ready to carpe diem (sieze the day) whenever we are blessed with snow. This could mean sessioning logs in the woods or the corrogated in one of our backyards. With 7Springs a short distance away and a few other smaller mountains (Blue Knob, Hidden Valley, and Laurel Mountain), we have several resort options for riding as well. We love Jesus and we love snow, so whatever your jam is — we’re ready.

Since shredding isn’t the cheapest sport and our local mountains are not all affiliated with one another, we host one group-rate night at each local mountain where we can shred without breaking our budgets and gather up to do Bible Study together. We want our shred community to know and grow with one another, and this allows everyone the opportunity to do that despite their “home mountain.”

During these community ride nights, we also have a “Ground Crew.” Jane Wolowski, leader Dave Wolowski’s wife, prides herself on Netflix and knitting being her winter activities, but Jane’s heart for Jesus and people is mega-HUGE. Although, she doesn’t shred, she won’t be left at home to hide her light. Jane heads up our “Ground Crew” that aims to serve the lodge-bound and those coming in to warm up through conversation and foodsies. So, if you’re shredding with us, Jane is the gal with the goodies and a good heart.

For the most part, we use “word of mouth” to meet up and slay the mountain together. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Text Message, Pidgeon carrier… any of those will do to contact us. But, seriously, we’d love to ride with you and get to know you.

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